The modern market represents a huge number of manufacturers that produce charcoal, as well as briquettes, but not all of them can guarantee their decent quality, since many manufacturers are not conscientious about their business, using an artisanal method, resulting in a product that is harmful to human health and environmental raw materials. But you can always trust the Ukrainian manufacturer of charcoal Grilly, which works both on the Ukrainian and European markets and has proven itself as an experienced, worthy and best partner.

Why is charcoal from TM Grili considered the most correct?

Certified charcoal, charcoal briquettes offered by TM Grilli is an excellent product for cooking meat, fish, vegetables in the fresh air, as well as at home for the following reasons:виробництво деревного  вугілля Грилі:

◈Charcoal from the manufacturer Grili is an environmentally friendly, certified product that is made in special retorts and undergoes a pyrolysis process, as a result of which all harmful resins are removed.

◈The production of charcoal is an industrial, automated process that guarantees the high quality of the final product and that it will not harm your health in any way.

◈You can always buy wood charcoal from the Grilly online store, which offers solid types of wood such as oak, hornbeam, and beech, but the production process does not use the trees themselves, which are cut down for these purposes, but wood waste, which is purchased legally.

◈Products cooked on TM Greeley charcoal or briquettes will have a pleasant aroma, crispy crust, excellent taste, and also incredible benefits.

◈The manufacturer Grilly cares about each of its customers, so it makes the best product for grills and barbecues. In the production process, the environment does not suffer either, as harmful emissions are processed into additional energy, which is involved in the production process.


Under what conditions of cooperation can you buy charcoal?

To buy charcoal, you don't even have to leave your home, because using the official website of the manufacturer, you can always place a quick order at home under the following conditions:

◉Charcoal and briquettes can be bought both wholesale and retail.

◉Product delivery is carried out in the following ways: by transport companies Nova Poshta, Justin, courier delivery. And the goods in the amount from UAH 900. free shipping (Justin only).

◉You can pay for the product by cashless payment at a bank branch or using online banking.