What could be tastier than barbecue cooked on charcoal in the fresh air - probably nothing! In addition to the fact that shish kebab prepared in this way will have an incredible aroma, excellent taste characteristics, this dish will also be useful. Charcoal for a grill from TM Grilly is an ideal option to enjoy a juicy barbecue in a short time with family or friends.


Why is it necessary to use charcoal for barbecue?

купити вугілля для шашликуOf course, various means can be used as fuel for a barbecue, but charcoal for barbecue from Grilli is the ideal, correct and best option, since in the process of making charcoal it is completely cleaned of harmful resins, only hard types of trees are used (beech, hornbeam , oak), in addition, it is a certified and environmentally friendly product. Charcoal has the following advantages:

◩It has the perfect size, so it does not require additional grinding.

◩The answer to the question of how to light charcoal for barbecue is very simple: you can use any type of lighter - liquid or dry.

◩The time of coal ignition is 10-15 minutes, the useful burning time is 1 hour 15 minutes.

◩Charcoal from the manufacturer Grilli maintains an even heat during the entire burning process, so you can cook a large number of different foods on it.

Buying charcoal for barbecue on the grilly.ua website means buying a simple and easy-to-use product that can be used even in a closed room with good air ventilation. Barbecue grilled on charcoal will exceed all your expectations and will please everyone with its perfect taste and aroma.


Why is it profitable to buy barbecue coal from Grilly?

If you don't know where to buy charcoal for barbecue, then we recommend that you pay attention to TM Grilly, because it is a high-quality product at a good price with the following advantages:

Шкупити деревне вугілля  Грилівидкою доставкою такими транспортними компаніями, як Justin, Нова пошта, а також доставка кур'єром.

◪Fast delivery by such transport companies as Justin, Nova Poshta, as well as delivery by courier.

◪You can buy charcoal with cash and non-cash payment.

◪A good price policy, as well as special discounts and promotions, which are arranged on a permanent basis.

◪You can buy wood coal in the Grilly online store, which is offered to both wholesale and retail customers. The minimum volume of packaging is 1.5 kg, and the maximum is 280 kg.

◪ Exchange and return of goods in accordance with current legislation within 14 days after receiving the order.

◪In addition, Grilly offers not only charcoal, you can buy charcoal briquettes, barbecues, disposable grills, as well as lighters and other picnic accessories.