купити дереве вугілля для мангалуMany of us, going on a picnic or planning to cook aromatic food on the grill, prefer firewood, believing that meat, fish or vegetables will be tastier and more useful. But this is a misconception, because using charcoal to light a barbecue is a more rational, correct and better way, which not only saves your time, but also preserves nature.


What are the advantages of charcoal for a barbecue?

TM Grilly charcoal for barbecues is produced industrially in special retorts, which not only clean the coal itself of harmful components, but also prevent hazardous substances from entering the environment. That is why food is cooked on a grill using charcoal - it is safe, harmless and the most correct process. In addition, the manufacturer of charcoal Grilli recommends using this raw material for barbecues for the following reasons:

◈Charcoal is an ecologically clean and certified product that is completely ready for use, has an ideal size that does not require additional grinding.

◈You can buy charcoal on the manufacturer's website grilly.ua that has undergone the pyrolysis process, which means that this product does not contain harmful resins.

◈In order to start cooking on the grill, you will need a special tool - a coal lighter and after 10 - 15 minutes the coals will have an even heat.

◈Charcoal is made from legally purchased wood waste from species such as beech, hornbeam and beech, which does not have any negative impact on the environment, as no trees are specifically cut down for these purposes.

◈In the process of burning, charcoal practically does not smoke, does not spark, and also does not emit an unpleasant smell.

◈The useful burning time of coal is 1 hour and 15 minutes, which will allow you to prepare not only a fragrant barbecue, but also a full lunch or dinner with many tasty and fragrant dishes.

Based on all of the above, which is better to choose coal or firewood? - the answer will be unequivocal: charcoal, of course. And the question of how to light charcoal for a barbecue can be answered immediately - use a dry or liquid lighter and in just a few minutes even an inexperienced person will easily manage to prepare a barbecue.

How to buy charcoal from Grilli?

It is best to buy charcoal from the official Grilli website, as it is the easiest, fastest and easiest way. And you need to place an order as follows:

▣ Choose the desired product and add it to the cart.

▣ Fill in information about the recipient of the order.

▣ Select delivery and payment options.

▣ You can buy charcoal in the Ukrainian online store Grilli and you will have your order in a matter of days!