What could be better than charcoal briquettes, which not only look good, but also perfectly cope with their main purpose - cooking tasty and aromatic meat, fish, vegetables and everything you want. Charcoal briquettes are made from hardwood charcoal (oak, beech, hornbeam), which is then pressed into a special form in the form of attractive pillows of the same appearance and size.

Coal, and then briquettes, are produced in modernized production, where special vertical retorts are located. In them, coal production takes place without access to oxygen at temperatures reaching 550 degrees, while without the appearance of a flame. TM Grilli can be proud of this type of production, because there are simply no analogues in Ukraine. In addition, the coal goes through the stage of pyrolysis, which contributes to its complete purification from harmful resins and other unnecessary substances. That is why charcoal briquettes have the highest quality, productivity, as well as environmental friendliness and safety and are best suited for the restaurant business.

Древесноугольные брикеты



The most popular types of products for cooking are charcoal and briquettes, but what is better to choose for a restaurant that needs maximum heat and a long burning time? It is best to buy charcoal briquettes for the following reasons:

First of all, charcoal briquettes are incredibly convenient to use, they have an aesthetic appearance, they do not become dusty, do not crumble and do not break, which is no less important for a restaurant that has an open kitchen, where you can see how the dishes are prepared.
Charcoal in briquettes has a long useful burning time. One tab maintains uniform heat for three hours, which allows you to prepare a large number of different dishes.
Briquettes from the manufacturer Grilli retain their original shape and volume during the entire burning time, decreasing only in size. That is why it is as simple and easy as possible to clean a barbecue or grill after using it.
Charcoal briquettes do not have smoke and excessive smell, and with the maximum operation of the hood, even the smallest smell will be excluded, but, for example, the incredible aroma of barbecue will delight the visitors of your restaurant.

Кухня гриль


Grilli charcoal briquettes are perfect for a hosper. It leaves behind a minimum of garbage and fire. It is strong, does not break during transportation, does not crumble, which means that your kitchen will be cleaner for longer. Due to the constant high quality and duration of the heat, your cooks will be able to prepare excellent dishes always and will be satisfied with the choice of Grilly briquettes, and you - with quality savings!

When choosing charcoal briquettes in Ukraine for a barbecue, it is necessary to pay attention to the labeling of DSTU or TU indicated on the products. It is important to check both its presence, validity, and value, because these numbers will tell you the actual purpose of this item and you will understand whether it is suitable for cooking or heating.

You can buy charcoal briquettes from the manufacturer in Ukraine mainly for heating, as its production is cheaper and less demanding than the production of briquettes for barbecues. TM Grilly is the only manufacturer in Ukraine that has the technology to produce environmentally friendly charcoal briquettes for barbecues and adheres to European quality standards, which is confirmed by the presence of European ISO and PEFC certification

Buying briquettes from the manufacturer Grilly means buying a product specifically for barbecue - clean and safe.

On the official website of the manufacturer, grilly.ua, there are briquettes in packages of different volumes, which allows you to make a purchase in the packaging that will be most convenient for you to store and use.



Grilly charcoal briquettes are what you need for your restaurant business. We offer favorable terms of cooperation, individual service for each client, regular shipments, constant availability of products and are ready to satisfy any of your needs. By buying from us, you will receive the following advantages:

Certified and environmentally friendly briquettes.
Goods at affordable prices, special promotions and discounts.
Charcoal briquettes can be bought in minimum quantities of 30 kg.
You can buy charcoal briquettes with cash and non-cash payment.