Everyone knows that in order to prepare a barbecue or grill for cooking, you must first light charcoal or briquettes. And how to do it? - you ask, everything is quite simple. There are several types of fuel - liquid and dry, which perfectly cope with this task, but which one is better to choose. Charcoal manufacturer Grilli, who has many years of experience in this field, will help you answer this question.


What is the best coal ignition fluid to buy?

If before the fire was made with the help of paper, matches and thin branches, now there is no need for this, because you can simply and quickly buy liquid for kindling coal and in a matter of minutes you can light firewood, coal or briquettes. Today, manufacturers offer ready-made products in liquid, gel-like form, as well as fuel in the form of tablets, which contain ethanol, urotropin and are capable of quickly igniting coal and more. Each type of igniter has its own features and characteristics. So dry fuel has the followingкупити сухий розпалювач від грилі features:

◈This fuel can be used not only for lighting coal and briquettes, it is ideal for lighting smokehouses and fondue.

◈One piece of dry fuel burns for 15 minutes.

◈Dry fuel in the form of tablets takes up little space, so it is easy to transport.

◈If it is not possible to light coal with one pill, you can use several, distributing them over the entire area of ​​the grill.

Liquid kindling or gel for kindling, which you can buy on the website of the manufacturer grilly.ua, have the following characteristics:

◈ Can quickly and efficiently ignite firewood, coal, briquettes and other types of solid fuel.

◈The liquid lighter ignites quickly and immediately covers a large area of ​​coal.

◈Buying helium, liquid means, as well as buying dry fuel, means buying decent means for kindling, which will not affect the taste of cooked products

◈The convenient plastic container that contains the liquid lighter does not take up much space.

But in order to decide which lighter is right for you, it is best to first buy a lighter in liquid form, and then buy dry fuel, try both and understand what suits you better.

How to buy a fire starter from TM Grilli?

If you want to buy a means for kindling, then it is most convenient to do it on the official website of Grilly, where you can place an order like this:

◉Select the desired product and add it to the cart.

◉Then fill in personal information about the recipient of the order.

◉Buy charcoal Ukraine online store offers various delivery and payment options, which you must choose when placing an order.