Friends, TM "GRILLY" congratulates you on the beginning of the picnic season.

Time for active recreation in nature, in parks and on the beach.

Grilling specialists are often faced with the problem of choice. What to choose coal or briquette?

Often, consumers traditionally choose charcoal without fully evaluating briquettes as an alternative. Let's figure it out. What is a charcoal briquette?

Charcoal briquettes are ground charcoal pressed into the form of pillows with the addition of flour or starch for your convenience.

The experts of our TM have prepared for you the advantages of the briquette:
1. Briquettes can be used an average of 2-3 times longer than coal
2. Absence of dust and small particles when opening the package
3. Cleaning the grill will be much easier and faster, since small particles do not fall through the grill
4. The absence of smoke during ignition makes it possible to grill even on the balcony.

Look for our briquettes in "Epicentr K", "METRO", "Nova Linia", "Welmart", "Velika Kyshenya", "OLDI", "Vopak" stores (Uzhhorod) and gas stations "WOG", "Market" .

Create and experiment to your satisfaction without excess dust and smoke.