Charcoal for barbecue:
I cook mushrooms on the grill using charcoal from GRILLY. Overview of charcoal for barbecue.
Raw materials for the production of GRILLY coal are hardwoods: oak, beech and hornbeam. This guarantees a good temperature and duration of burning.

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One of the main advantages of coal is that you don't have to cut it and wait for it to burn. This coal has completely gone through the pyrolysis process, which means that no harmful resins remain in it.

As a result, 15 minutes are spent on kindling and warming up, after which you can enjoy uniform heat, the absence of flames and a minimal amount of smoke.
The ignition time and burning time declared by the manufacturer correspond to reality.

GRILLY products are certified in Europe, so you can expect environmental friendliness from them. And both during combustion and production.

If you want to cook food on a barbecue or grill, the product is important, namely the charcoal that you will use for this. Since coal emits smoke and heat when burning, all the harmful substances and resins it contains will remain on the products you cook. And this, in turn, is not useful and even dangerous for your well-being and health. That is why it is necessary to approach the choice of a manufacturer that produces charcoal with all responsibility. But, if you choose charcoal from the manufacturer Grilly, then you will definitely not face such problems, since it is a product of the highest quality.


Charcoal for barbecue from TM Grilli: What are its features and advantages?

In order to enjoy delicious, aromatic and juicy barbecue, to get baked fish with a crispy crust, as well as appetizing vegetables, you need charcoal for a barbecue. But it should not be just coal, but a product with high characteristics and quality indicators. This kind of charcoal is produced by the Ukrainian manufacturer Grilli. Coal is produced at the Perechyn Wood Chemical Plant using automated processes, as well as compliance with all international requirements and norms. In addition, the plant has appropriate certificates that confirm its legal purchase of wood and the harmlessness of production for the environment.

You can safely use TM Grilli charcoal for a barbecue and not worry about its negative impact on your health. In addition, coal has the following features and characteristics that distinguish it from other analogues:

◈ Buying charcoal for a barbecue means buying environmentally friendly products that undergo the pyrolysis stage - complete cleaning of harmful resins.
◈ In the production of coal, not the trees themselves (beech, hornbeam and oak) are used, but only the remains of wood, so the production does not have a harmful effect on the ecology.
◈ The charcoal that you can buy, both for cooking outdoors and indoors, has the same size, which does not require preliminary grinding. It is completely ready to use.
◈ Coal burns quickly enough without periodic stirring or other external assistance. You will need only 10-15 minutes to light it and you can start cooking your favorite foods.
◈ The useful burning time of coal is approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes, which means that with one bookmark you can cook a large piece of meat, several fish or a large number of vegetables.
◈ In the process of burning, coal does not emit excessive smoke, has almost no smell, is characterized by the absence of a flame that must be constantly extinguished. In addition, if you buy charcoal for a barbecue from TM Grilla, you will enjoy uniform heat, which means that the products will be evenly fried without burnt spots.


Where to buy TM Grill charcoal?

If you are interested in a really high-quality product, then visit the official website of the manufacturer, where you can quickly buy charcoal in a package of any volume at an affordable price. In addition, you can place an order on one of the phone numbers 067 312 98 18, 031 452 32 38, where you can buy charcoal with the help of a professional consultant.