Preservation of the environment and the cleanliness of ecology are the most pressing issues today. We live here and now, so we should take care of less pollution of nature, because it is extremely important for our existence, and it is a manifestation of concern for the health of future generations. But not everyone has thought about whether a charcoal plant can be ecological in relation to the environment and humanity?

Everyone knows that small enterprises for the production of charcoal are not conscientious about this issue because the creation of ecological processes in production is a large-scale investment both from the point of view of cash infusions and scaling of business processes. In particular, small, so-called "local productions" emit harmful components into the environment, thus polluting the air, water and soil. And also, an equally important aspect is the lack of production standards and the possibility of their control, which leads to the residue of some harmful chemical compounds in the coal itself and their complete combustion occurs at the moment of coal use by the consumer, which leads to the deposition of these compounds on food, which affects not only for its taste, but also for the health of the person who consumes it.

Контроль якості вугілля

That is why, when choosing a worthy manufacturer that produces charcoal, it is necessary to pay attention to the characteristics of its production, which must work without harming the environment and comply with all norms and requirements not only of Ukrainian legislation, but also of international standards.

It is the consumer who votes with his money in support of ecological and conscious, in relation to the preservation of the environment, consumption of a quality product.


TM GRILLY charcoal production is a safe process without harming the planet

The Perechyn wood-chemical plant is a charcoal production plant engaged in the direct production of charcoal in accordance with all international standards. The presence of numerous certificates, which speak of the plant's responsibility towards the environment, only confirm its safe operation and harmlessness for the ecology of our planet. After all, it is important which charcoal to buy. Therefore, it is safe to say that the production of Charcoal™ Grilly is environmentally friendly for the following reasons:

Аналіз вугілля

  1. In the process of charcoal production, a pyrolysis stage is used, which cleans wood from harmful resins and other organic substances. But these compounds do not enter the atmosphere, because a special recovery boiler processes them at a temperature of more than 1100 degrees, turning them into clean steam and an additional source of energy that is used for further stages of production.
    The entire TM Grilly charcoal production system operates continuously 24/7 and is fully computerized, which allows you to control each of its stages, displaying information on monitors with indicators of temperatures and other production processes.
    As a conscious manufacturer, we have created a completely safe process and strictly control the production of ecologically clean products at each of its stages:
    ◉After the pyrolysis process, the finished coal is steamed at high pressure, which ensures cleaning of the products from dust and small particles. The consumer is guaranteed to receive clean and high-quality coal of a large fraction.
    ◉The presence of our own laboratory, which constantly performs sampling and control of finished products, guarantees the consistently high quality of each manufactured batch of charcoal.
    ◉Our entire charcoal production process has a closed loop and is designed in such a way that all organic substances that are formed as a result of pyrolysis (including acetic acid, formaldehyde, and other more than 180 gaseous substances) burn completely inside this closed loop, creating a significant the amount of heat that we send to other production processes (such as primary drying of wood, etc.). From the point of view of benefits for the environment, it makes it impossible to get dangerous and extremely harmful emissions into the atmosphere, waste water and soil.
    In addition, the coal producer TM Grilly ensures the transparency of the supply chain of raw materials, and also guarantees social responsibility and diversification of energy resources. All these processes are controlled not only by Ukrainian state bodies, but also by international organizations, for which Grily coal received international recognition and the presence of relevant certificates, such as PEFC, ISO, BSCI.
    All the above facts prove that you can always buy ecologically clean charcoal from the manufacturer Grilli and be sure of the preservation of the environment, tomorrow, as well as the safety of the products for your healthy consumption.

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Why is it best to buy charcoal from TM Grilla?

If you need to buy charcoal, you simply cannot find a better and more reliable one than the manufacturer Grilly. What's more, regardless of your purpose of using charcoal, be it for restaurant business, retail sales or cooking for a delicious dinner, TM "GRILLY" charcoal is an environmentally friendly, certified product, and therefore the best choice for everyone.

In addition, we suggest buying charcoal from the Grilly online store, as it is the fastest and easiest way to make purchases. On our simple and clear official website, you can familiarize yourself with the available products, see current prices, promotions and special offers.