When it comes to a real barbecue, grill or picnic, certain important things cannot be avoided. To have a source of fire, you need charcoal or charcoal briquettes, in order to ignite charcoal, you need means for ignition. Next, you need to find what or on what you will cook your meals, grill or barbecue, barbecue grills or skewers - the choice is yours. And various useful accessories will speed up and simplify the process of cooking on an open fire.

From our experience, we know that finding a complete set of similar products is not very easy. And it is even more difficult to find quality goods, because when it comes to rest - everything must be perfect, even a small trifle can ruin a good experience.

The online store "GRILLY" offers a wide range of charcoal products, fires and accessories. You trust us, we give you a good mood and positive emotions.

Our team is constantly developing the assortment, experimenting on new market niches and trying to guess the requirements of customers. The team of the "GRILLY" trademark is open to dialogue, cooperation and is ready to listen to your feedback, ideas and suggestions.