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  • Convenient and compact to use and carry.
  • Does not require any means for ignition.
  • Ready to use within 20 minutes after firing up.
  • Charcoal briquettes are used as fuel.
  • On one grill, you can fry meat, fish, vegetables, sausages, etc.

Disposable grill "GRILLY"

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140 грн
150 грн
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Name Disposable grill "GRILLY"
Stock In stock
Price 140.00
Stock fuel component and accessories
Вага 500 gram
Brief description The disposable grill "GRILLY" is the easiest way to barbecue anytime, anywhere in the fresh air. It is completely ready for use. All you need for a delicious picnic is to choose a convenient spot, set up and light a grill.
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